The Malaysian peninsula had a lot of interactions with the Middle East, Europe, China, Indonesia and India through the ocean route. This gradually resulted in Malaysia becoming a melting pot of culture, giving the Malaysian cuisine it’s unique flavour which is actually an influence from many different cuisines. Therefore, the Malaysian cuisine is generally fuelled by a lot of international influences, bringing alive the most scrumptious combination of curry mixtures and spices. Particularly, it has a lot of influence from the Chinese, Thai, Indian and Indonesian cuisines. Ranging from the use of wok to the very combination of spices, this cuisine represents a lot of cultures from different continents, but with it’s unique style. Bala’s, is the perfect choice if you are looking for Malaysian food near St Kilda and surrounding suburbs.


Being generally spicy, Malaysian food in Melbourne isn’t chilli-hot per se. With at least chilli-based Sambal along, Malaysian culinary preparations include southeast Asian herbs and spices from India, China and Middle East. There is an additional fragrant combination of cumin, coriander, lemongrass, lime leaves, star anise, fenugreek and cardamom. The most common Malaysian dishes include,

Assam Laksa – Rice noodles in fish soup
Rojak – Fruit and vegetable salad
Roti Canai – Flatbread
Cendol – Cold dessert soup
Apom Balik – Stuffed pancake
Batu Maung Satay – Grilled meat on skewers
Koay Chiap – Duck and noodle soup
Chee Cheong Fun –  Rice noodle rolls
Teh Tarik – Pulled tea


At Bala’s, we ensure traditionally rich Malaysian cuisine experience for every visitor and patrons. Over the past 25 years, our focus has always been on regional authenticity with the best chefs and culinary experts working behind the scenes.
It is easy for everyone to browse through our menu and order Malaysian food online! Our Malaysian takeaway in St Kilda is for everyone who has love for Malaysian food in the comfort of their homes and work spaces.

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