Thai food, as exotic it always has been, needs no introduction. Thai cuisine has a collection of incredibly popular ‘one plate’ dishes for lunch or dinner. With boiled or stir-fried meat, sauces and fresh basil, there is nothing more satisfying than the simple flavours of Thai food. The most popular Thai dishes consist of cooking in piping hot wok with fresh chillies, soy sauce, meat, lots of basil leaves, raw spring onions, green beans and some sugar. Thai cuisine, having the reputation of being spicy, is actually the right balance of spicy, sweet, sour, bitter and salty. Bala’s is the best Thai Restaurant in St Kilda, striving to provide unexpected authentic Thai flavours and a lively buzz by the beach.


With Bala’s, Thai food in Melbourne goes beyond combining unique flavors for any given Thai delicacy. We believe in the Thai principle of sharing meals and eating in the family style, inculcating traditional values and techniques of preparing and serving each dish at our restaurant. While bringing the distinct aspects of Thai cuisine to Melbourne, our trained culinary experts use fresh herbs, spices, fermented sauces and meat/vegetables with perfection.
Food- The Thai way:

  • Rice – Eaten with most meals, jasmine rice is the staple
  • Mains – Chicken (gai), fish (blah) and beef (neua) prepared in variety of Thai styles
  • Thai Curry and Soup – Mostly coconut milk based and mildly/strongly spicy, served with mains
  • Thai Noodles – These are mostly served as individual dishes
  • Thai Desserts – Includes both traditional Thai desserts and western favourites
  • Thai Salad or Yam – One of the spiciest Thai indulgence
  • Thai Chilli Paste or Sauces – Depending on the region of origin, these are fine mixes of muddling chili, shrimp paste, garlic, lime and spices
  • Authentic Thai Fruits – Thailand has a great variety of local fruits with distinct flavours
  • Thai Beer and Beverages – Ranging from local Thai beer, coconut water to the special Thai ice tea
  • Thai Gourmet Specialities – Thailand’s different regions have developed their own style and dishes

Are you in St Kilda or surrounding suburbs? Are you craving for Thai food near you? Look no further then Bala’s, your friendly local Thai restaurant in Melbourne. Browse our menu for more insight!

Call us on (03) 9534 6116 for reservations, home delivery or pickup services. We are open Monday to Sunday (12:00 pm – 9:30 pm) and serve the best Thai food in St Kilda, Melbourne.